Microplastics in cosmetics

Microplastic pollutes the oceans and endangers the environment for humans, animals and plants. Ethical claims resulting from the ICADA natural label are therefore an obligation for us to work against microplastics. The problem is complex and certainly not solvable with a single step alone.

For example, in 2017 ICADA consulted with the then Minister of the Environment, Dr. Hendricks and complained that little action was taken by the ministry and the false claim about the cosmetics industry is made by the ministry. The EU Commission, which has decided in January 2018 on a comprehensive project against microplastic pollution, is exemplary. The details can be found here. Thus, the end of arbitrary definition of "liquid microplastics" with the aim of advertising-rich headlines is foreseeable.

ICADA has decided, however, to take all steps possible for a cosmetic association to reduce the microplastic problem. Although microplastic peeling grains and replacement of nylon in decorative cosmetics are only part of the problem, we would like to praise all the companies that are taking the first step in avoiding microplastics with ICADA and who voluntarily exclude microplastic peeling grains in their cosmetic products. ICADA is committed to take every step that is possible for a cosmetics association to actively prevent microplastics, and welcomes every suggestion.

ICADA is preparing to set up a foundation for the removal of plastic waste from the world's oceans.

The following companies have reported not to use microplastic peeling particles.

EVBC GmbH - Dr. E. Voss Professional Care
Resana GmbH
Thomas Brunner Hygiene GmbH (syNeo Cosmetics)
Manufaktur B.W. Nobis e.K.
Beyer & Söhne GmbH
P&M Cosmetics GmbH & Co. KG
Medicos Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG
CMD Naturkosmetik Carl-Michael Diedrich e.K.
Cosmedes GmbH
LITORÁGE Meereskosmetik - Inwater Biotec GmbH
Spa Vivent Vertriebs GmbH
élass Cosmetics GmbH
Cosmos-An B.V.
Sibyll of Stuttgart (SANATRON KG Medizintechnik und Kosmetik-Vertrieb)
BioFairHandel KG
Licht-Quanten Naturprodukte GmbH (Dr. Ewald Töth®)
Angel Minerals by Karin Hunkel
Calmterra Vertriebs GmbH -- Bioselect Produkte , Qamaré Produkte
Silinova GmbH
Meerwasser Kosmetik Franziska Teebken° GmbH
Monteil Cosmetics International GmbH
Schnitzler Concept GmbH
Seifenreich, Michaela und Volker Last GbR
Naturprodukte Schwarz GmbH
eleeve cosmetics
Systemkosmetik GmbH
Beatrix Strobl Cosmetic GmbH
JEAN D'ARCEL Cosmétique GmbH & Co.KG
Amyris-Lust auf Duft
Day Fit Plus
Wildwuxs Manufaktur
Flash Cosmetics&more GsbR
Ticoche Ltd
Inta Natura
Seelenbalsam e.U.
SAETA Haarkosmetik
Hayoun Vertriebs GmbH
actiMare natural cosmetics
LEVIA Vegane Naturkosmetik UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
BRÜDER UNTERWEGER GesmbH, Erste Tiroler Latschenölbrennerei
Medex GmbH
Lebelind e.V.
Angel Minerals by Karin Hunkel
Badestrand Kosmetik e.K.
Rudolf Lenhart GmbH & Co. KG
Spa Vivent Vertriebs GmbH
Sarya Biocosmetic
Laetitia Naturprodukte Vertriebs GmbH
BioCoach Swiss GmbH
Reichert Haircompany GmbH
Neyes Beauty GmbH
Lexagirl Naturkosmetik GmbH
ELEWA Natural Cosmetics
LONG-TIME-LINER Conture Make-up GmbH
Amyris-Lust auf Duft
SONNENBAUM Naturkosmetik
Dr. Schröder Cosmetica GmbH & Co. KG
Flowing Cosmetics GmbH / Amazingy.com / HIRO Cosmetics
Chris Farrell Cosmetics GmbH
Dr. Spiller GmbH
Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH
Light-of-Nature Sigrun Scherneck
Spa Vivent Vertriebs GmbH
Farfalla Essentials AG
Kosmetikvertrieb H. Renner GmbH / A Natural Difference (AND)
Lubana International GmbH&Co.KG
Dr. R. Heberer Naturheilmittel GmbH
Jürgen Hasel - kosmetische Entwicklungen e.K.
Provida Organics Kosmetik & Umwelt GmbH
Apeiron Handels GmbH & Co.KG
Schneebergerhof Seife
Ajande Professional Cosmetics
Lichtblick GmbH
Dibropharm GmbH Distribution & Co. KG
oceanBASIS GmbH
Bergland-Pharma GmbH & Co. KG
Fiowell - oHG
gelee royale medien GmbH
Schloss Neuhaus Güldenmoor GmbH
Biodermic Health & Beauty GmbH & Co.KG
Coscoon Cosmetics GbR
GREEN + THE GENT / Munich Grooming GmbH
CA&LE Cosmetics- USP Innovation GMBH
LichtWesen AG
Dermatica Exclusiv Horst Spickermann GmbH
Klapp Cosmetics GmbH
Töpfer GmbH

If you are so environmentally conscious, we are happy to add you to our list (register here).

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