Natural Cosmetics Congress

o affordable also for the particularly concerned small companies and shops
o central, no long traveling across Germany
o in late autumn, at a well-scheduleable date

up-to-date topics and conflicts
360 ° spectrum of topics with practical relevance for all sectors
essential hard facts and conflicts, not a shallow cultural chat
no cheering event, no hushing up of unpleasant news
open platform without exclusion of important industry participants
expertise since 35 years

Not only the markets become confusing.

The beginning of serious natural cosmetics was simple. Science provides so much new insights into the ingredients of natural cosmetics that a new image emerges. It is time to well-dosed say goodbye to the marketing story of the last century, which is briefly formulated as

“Nature = safe”

the consumer was told. Even the summoned coming “cultural change” can only be made on technical facts, because even another fairy tale will no longer be swallowed by the modern consumer so easily. Also, colorful plant pictures are no longer the modern form of communication of content and efficacy. It is not enough to report the sales growth each year, which in the end was no longer generated by authentic natural cosmetics. Cosmetic companies and distribution has to face the new market conditions, but this is just the commercial part of the natural cosmetics theme and way too shorthand. There are so many other regulatory and technical problems, natural cosmetics will run into, but also positive options natural cosmetics offers like “natural cosmetics 4.0” recognizable by the quality seal “bio-active”, that ICADA also invites you to a congress looking into the near and distant future.

However, as the branch experts seem to be interested only at sales and marketing philosophies, but not at the content of what is being sold, ICADA organizes the “International Natural Cosmetics Congress” in addition, to inform right in time about new discoveries, problems, solutions and practical applications. We provide up-to-date information on new findings from basic research, cosmetics chemistry, dermatology, marketing, legal regulations and consumer-oriented standards / labels.

ICADA is already preparing the following topics, with more to follow. If you would like to be informed about the progress or want to be listed for a prior participent-list, please log in via the contact form here for the information distributor.