The procedure of the certification process

In order to use the ICADA-natural symbol on your products, the following points must be regarded:

  • You contact us here, if you have the purpose to use the ICADA-natural label for your products
  • You will receive all necessary documents from us
  • You send us your completed product application
  • We check your products and tell you about possible changes
  • You are looking for a certifier who will check your product for compliance with our policy. A list of certifiers is available on request
  • You send us the certificate of conformity of the certifier
  • We allow you to use the label for the compliant products
  • For each new calendar year send us a current product application

The process for using the ICADA-natural label is straightforward and allows you to quickly and unbureaucratically provide your products with the ICADA-natural premium mark for organic and natural cosmetics.