Why ICADA, when it comes to organic and natural cosmetics?

Premium because

  • no labelling of low-cost products and discounter brands
  • loyal to healthful stores and green outlets
  • strong trust through double control system (other cassociations control themselves)
  • greener, closer to nature: lowest number of permitted additives (short positive list)
  • Zeichenvergabe Plus: economic support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the ICADA Manufacturers Association
  • inexpensive: low licensing fees, no annual certification costs
  • uncomplicated: keine: (a) COSMOS classes,no (b) NATRUE category-calculations
  • easy-to-understand definition for consumers, retailers and manufacturers
  • Organic- and natural cosmetics with social and environmental commitment
  • all licensees participate, not only (a) association directors or (b) sponsors/special paying members


  1. The ICADA sign does not label non-natural companies as “natural cosmetics companies” who will then compete in your core competency after promotion.
  2. The ICADA logo clearly identifies companies as authentic natural cosmetics providers
  3. With ICADA every licensee participates in brand care of the sign and not just the big companies with sales over 500,000 EUR.

The ICADA organic- and natural cosmetics label is

  • a premium Label
  • from authentic organic- and natural cosmetic companies
  • No quality dilution by nature trend freeloaders
  • Awarding requirement is nature orientation in company culture and product philosophy
  • Natural cosmetics companies are recognizable again
  • not available for discounters and non-professionals (saves price discussions on low-price promotions)
  • quantitative restriction of the use of trademarks in the market for premium brand management (shortage)
  • international, ethical, organic and nature
  • easy to understand for trade and consumers
  • simple, down to earth, no asterisks in need of explanation, levels, biology or nature classes, calculation methods
  • no downgrading for quality products with few stars
  • easy comprehension for consumers
  • supports sales talks
  • does not destroy valuable business time for explanation of asterisk regulations
  • Transparency, honesty, rules on the Internet
  • competently supervised by experts from science and cosmetics
  • internationally available
  • Conformity to the future ministry guideline
  • reliable, ethically managed
  • Securing long-term premium status through professional brand management and access restriction (no conventional cosmetics companies, manufacturers of artificial fingernails, discount sales …)
  • Further development according to the latest findings from research, dermatology, natural science, cosmetology ….
  • no daydreams that will become mandatory for years to come
  • high recognition
  • dynamic PR
  • easy implementation for cosmetic companies, easy use for cosmetic companies
  • Organic shares are advertised, but are not required
  • inexpensive license conditions
  • easy conversion of already labeled natural cosmetic products without additional costs
  • equivalent certifications are accepted, no new certification fee
  • The ICADA sign is deliberately strict:

1) For ICADA, 80% of the products should have conformity after the transitional period

2) At ICADA, only authentic natural cosmetics companies are approved. Imitators who select raw materials from a positive list and thus mix “natural cosmetics” formulations are not promoted by ICADA to a “natural cosmetics company”.

  1. c) ICADA is loyal to the specialized trade, which offers special preconditions for consulting in organic and natural cosmetics through expertise and awareness of nature.

Note for trade and consumers: the retailer loyalty

Contractual regulations prevent products with the ICADA organic and natural cosmetics label from being sold to low-cost suppliers, imitators or discounters. If there is any doubt, the ICADA Technical Committee will have a contractual right to participate in ICADA applications for new licensees.

ICADA is well ahead of discounters with its premium image. The ICADA label not only has premium quality criteria by securing the nature philosophy, but is also kept in premium status through long-term brand care and access restrictions. Thus, ICADA avoids discrepancy between member goals and reality.

Once again, retailers have the opportunity to distinguish themselves with their differentiable “authentic” organic and natural cosmetics, while the discounter next door carries out his combat price campaigns with a different sign.

Note for natural cosmetic manufacturers

The premium brand ICADA is to lift authentic natural cosmetics companies from the great confusion of characters: Listing discussions with wholesalers could come to nothing, if you ask as one of the many companies with similar products and cheap products equalizing signs. The ICADA sign once again highlights your high-quality products with premium claims of authenticity.

An entry into the ICADA Premium sign is fluently possible (no “completely or not at all”)

  • by appropriate formulation of our license agreement
  • There is no “wholly or not at all” hurdle
  • Entry at every new packaging printing or immediately possible by pasting over
  • for each product individually
  • from the first product all ICADA support, service, possibilities
  • Advancing step by step in your assortment
  • no licence fees, you immediately save money when relabeling
  • no product changes necessary for already certified products
  • We accept combination with other natural cosmetics signs in the same assortment
  • Compliant products do not need to be re-certified in the case of a certificate of conformity

lean cost structures: damping of additional product costs

  1. very low licence fees
  2. no investment fees or other cost hurdles
  3. ICADA waives registration fee
  4. no annual testing costs for already certified products

For ICADA-labeled products, customers do not pay high certification and license fees over the product price. Product for the money and not additional cost share for the money.