innovation award for natural and organic cosmetics

Natural cosmetics have always been more than just a paid licence-label and some plant pictures on the jars and packaging. ICADA’s objective is to pull the appreciation for the benefits of natural cosmetics into the focus of consumers again and to end the hiding behind paid licence-labes. Individual quality and efficacy will again be in the front and non-equalizing labels, that will not allow the consumer any product quality assessment.

The entire internet community is invited to the jury (ICADA membership not a requirement). Anyone can click on the button below to access the rating questionnaire and submit a product review.

The ICADA Innovation award for natural and organic cosmetic products and raw material will be presented at the Vivaness 2019 during the congress program

Friday the 15th of February 2019

 You can still submit your rating at the ICADA Vivaness booth.

ICADA calls for the competition (ICADA membership no requirement). The jury will award scores from 1 to a maximum of 10 points in the evaluation-field of the following criteria  criteria

1. innovative active ingredient (recently found, new isolation method, new analytical detection method ….)
2. innovative product application (familiar product concepts with new application objectives)
3 ingredient application (known active ingredients with new efficacy claims)
4. innovative efficacy-claims based on new research results (in-use tests, in the test laboratory, in vitro, in silicio …)
5. innovative application procedure (packaging, product structure, …..)


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1rst Prize

ICADA innovation-award with certificate
1000 EUR prize award
Support for the winner-product to make it “Ready for the market”
2 years free ICADA-membership for non-members

2nd Prize

ICADA innovation-certificate
2 years free ICADA membership for non-members

3rd Prize

ICADA Innovation certificate
1 year free ICADA-membership for non-members