Innovative organic and natural cosmetics 4.0

The new generations of consumers are focusing again on the real reasons for buying cosmetics: daily skin care, keeping skin in a good condition and reducing skin discomfort.

Therefore modern natural cosmetics experts do not restrict themselves to the distinction between pure natural cosmetics and “nature-close green” cosmetics or the details in the differences of the standard fee labels on the products. These fee labels do not make statements about the product quality in terms of effect, efficacy and skin care character.

Modern natural cosmetics experts take advantage of the traditional knowledge of plants and enlarges it by basic research results in natural compound chemistry, sophisticated analytical methods, insights into the natural compond`s influence on skin structure and skin functions, global raw material sourcing and modern production technology and comprehensive quality control to develop innovative natural cosmetic products. Far more knowledge than the unprofessional knowledge of the so called experts from the last decades is nowadays applied in the natural cosmetic industry.

Thus, natural cosmetics, using the huge spectrum of active ingredients from natural sources, of which more than 45,000 natural substances from the secondary metabolism have been known and identified (Irchhaiya 2015), offer when choosen by professional experts an infinite range of efficacious concepts for innovative natural cosmetics, which are far superior to the limited range of conventional cosmetics actives.

The international producer association ICADA will call back in the market, in trade, in the media and at the consumer the unlimited options of modern natural cosmetics and the genuine reasons for buying natural cosmetics like efficacy against skin discomfort, skin care and keeping skin in good conditions, so that high quality products are no longer all equalized by fee-labels and indistinguishable from each other. Commitment to quality should pay off again more than the payment of a fee-label, which does not inform about the product quality.

With this objective ICADA gives the world natural cosmetics community the opportunity

  1. to register innovative natural cosmetic products and raw materials for the innovation award competition at Vivaness 2019

  2. to select as neutral jurors the best innovations on a public website.

The competition conditions, the assessment criteria, the public evaluation process and the award ceremony date at Vivaness 2019 can be found here

On the website you will also find the registration form for natural cosmetics innovation award and the evaluation form for jurors. Anyone interested is entitled to participate.

Participating companies and registered products will be presented on a long-term basis in various media, including direct links to product websites and presentation of product images on the European website for natural cosmetics ( The “Innovation Award at Vivaness 2019 offers newcomers and innovations with low advertising budgets a first-class chance to become well-known next to established natural cosmetics brands.