Topics for the natural cosmetics congress

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  • Market-erosion and -chances due to the sale of Logona to LÒreal? New market structures, new market clarity, multiplication of distribution channels for mass producers and SME
  • Diffuse diversity and future of the ethical label
  • honest communication of endocrine disruptors, microplastics and nanomaterials despite a ban on natural cosmetics standards in labeled natural cosmetic products and preparation for the outrage of consumers (scientific keynote)
  • benefit from new markets: where and how?
  • Protect the environment, conserve resources, avoid plastic waste: the checklist for our daily life together
  • Natural Cosmetics ISO 16128: reasons, content, advantages, ease of use, special advertising potential
  • incorrect product labeling of essential oils
  • With natural cosmetics one does not offer the fellow human being a lifeless commodity but an attitude to life
  • Why labeled natural cosmetics can not show a “GMO-free” label ( keynote in 2 sentences)
  • what adresses and interests GenY and GenZ ?
  • The market sales-figures and what you can read in it in reality
  • “mild natural” cosmetics and the better marketing-approaches
  • ban of “does not contains ….” advertising
  • quality-label “natural effective”: natural cosmetics 4.0 with efficacy-documentation
  • Why natural cosmetics: dreams, wishes, demands, reality, consumer profiles
  • which active ingredients does nature offer and how do they work in natural cosmetics?
  • Prohibited use of food raw materials in natural cosmetics
  • Newcomer to the natural and organic market: what to consider
  • how to recognize authentic natural cosmetics, how differentiates the authentic natural cosmetics manufacturer himself from competitors?
  • Natural hair colors not legal anymore
  • Raw material sourcing: securing high-quality raw material sources
  • comments on correctness of product-test-webportals and test journals
  • Misleading ethical labels
  • The animal testing guideline of the EU, failure of “beauty without cruelty” in China
  • “Microbiome cosmetics”: technical basis, product classes, raw materials, impact, regulatory situation ((Original report from the EU Commission meeting, no breach of industry interests due to premature legal assessment)
  • ICADA-action against potential consumer fraud (BUND / eD; CodeCheck / others)
  • and many more